Thursday, July 2, 2015

elog feature requests

elog is pretty cool and is used on the US Coast Guard ice breaker Healy.  My feature requests...
  • The ability to track the location of the server and/or user for mobile usage.  e.g.  the U.S. Coast Guard ice breaker Healy uses elog.  The ability to export with gdal to KML/Shapefiles/etc would allow logs to be on maps.  e.g. Be able to use gpsd NMEA GPS location on servers.
  • Ability to submit from Android devices with Open Data Kit (ODK).
  • Simile Timeline view of logs
  • Export to msgpack and/or protobuf 3 for ease of writing add ons
  • Integration with flowdock
  • Integration with github for issue tracking and travis-ci for software build/test status
  • Ability to sync multiple servers that are not always connected

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