Wednesday, March 24, 2010

SONS 2010

I just walked in the door. I am still trying to get organized and
figure out what is going on.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Sensor data in GeoRSS?

  1. The OGC Atom+GeoRSS validation results are confusing. Feed Validator has a better presentation

  2. It loosk like the OGC version only supports GML

  3. How should the payload be encoded? This is the big question. See line 24, where we make hard to parse human readable text.

  4. I think the ID is wrong, but it still not clear to me how id's should be handled.

  5. How many data points should be in the feed? If we are collecting a point every 12 seconds, do we want to just have 120 seconds of data? Do we need a realtime feed an one that is decimated? And if decimated, what is the "best" algorithm? I hate systems where you can't find out the actual algorithm used (Ahem! You know who you are!)

  6. Does anything actually pay attention to the syndication flags? We definitely need to have these match the data window (see previous point)

  7. And lots of other issues that escape me right now...