Friday, March 4, 2016

Coordinate transformations

I am trying to learn about WKT projection information and how projects are actually done in GDAL and PROJ.  Needless to say, I knew very little before this week and I still do not know very much.  First some links:

So what is the best resource to learn about various methods?  e.g. Molodensky Badekas Bursa Wolf

Google low level C++ APIs

This is one of those questions that keeps coming up... "What core/low-level libraries has Google released as open source?"  As someone who works inside of Google, I already know a lot of them and when I work on external code (e.g. GDAL) I have to work extra hard because the tools I normally reach for are not there.  One of those is the C++ strings substitute.h.  I just went looking and found it:

The question then becomes, where do I find the latest open sourced version and how do I use it in a library that will be used by many other people such as GDAL or libais?  I probably have to move it into a gdal or osgeo namespace or it's going to clash at link time.  If it's just an end tool, there there is less worry.