Thursday, January 26, 2017


Just to keep up with things, here is the latest.  I've definitely failed to blog enough this week.

Power GEODSS Sears Tower Social media Ti computer terrorism Task Force
nuclear Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan Gulf Cartel Listeria MARTA NATIA
JAVA Trump industrial intelligence 42

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41 2f 7a 4b ac 8a 5f 70 f9 60 a1 3e 79 dc da 1f
fb 97 19 72 6f 20 81 15 a5 04 c0 52 45 ae 86 7b
60 e6 71 6e ad 32 70 81 5b 30 8c 24 5f 83 d2 78
5b 32 f0 8f 1b 1a 16 3b f7 02 fc 87 df 02 0d ac
d0 32 c2 b0 d7 f2 08 1f 0d 87 06 9b 68 18 be e0
51 dd f3 38 a5 34 90 cd 64 8f ea f2 57 2b ba f1
ba 1e ff 22 9f 72 f0 3d b7 f2 82 52 f6 be 56 ea
70 24 62 b0 f4 bc b0 c0 89 34 62 2b 9d 12 44 09
f3 2b 5b 3c 04 e1 e8 bc 34 02 90 31 a4 92 89 38
2e 1d 82 c4 de fe 0c ca 81 b5 73 2c f7 70 db 35
96 c1 34 01 76 26 24 6b c6 df 64 29 74 90 ab bd
a1 5d 5a b6 5d 34 58 09 d2 3a 76 d5 93 d8 3c 67
a7 38 fd ef f0 f1 24 49 b7 76 94 9d fa 0e fe 75
02 f4 38 ef a1 36 0c 7e eb ac 7b a6 26 b6 24 11

88 24 2a c2 2c bc eb fb 1f eb 2e 06 99 28 7f 42

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Code reviews

I've sent out thousands of changes for code review and done reviews on many hundreds of changes.  It's kinda weird to read this RedHat post on code reviews.  I can't really imagine what the review process is like without things like the Google C++, Python and Java style guides (I haven't done Go, sorry Francesc).  Things like that and required automatic formatting rules take a lot of the pain out the review process.  But I have had changes that have taken more than a year to get into a code base.  That does get a wee bit tiring sometimes.  Pythonic code review (Red Hat Security Blog)

MIT 046 Algorithm course

I'm going through the MIT 046 algorithm course from 2015...

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Blogging again

I am going to see if I can get back into blogging again. Can I pull off a post a day for January?  What do I even want to write about these days?  A lot of my work is non-public Google infrastructure work.  I can take about some of the open source work and maybe I can talk about some of the public data I am around. I need to start digging into JTS, Geotools, and Java in general. I want to get more into algorithms and data structures.  These last couple of years have been paying down massive technical Dept, which isn't sexy. And buffet overruns and hard to debug code is no fun. Lately I have been playing with Flume and writing and reviewing some fun modern C++. But... Being a parent tends to dominate free time. If Linc could choose, I would probably blog about trains, King Bob, and wheels.  Or the things we see in the Santa Cruz area like this Red shouldered hawk we say today.

And can I figure out how to get the blogger app to work well on Android?  Once I had added a picture, everything went south.  I finally ended up copying the text from the app and taking it over to my laptop to use a real keyboard and the blogger web interface.