Saturday, July 23, 2016

BBS door games of the 1980's

I just remembered playing "Nukem" on the Haunted House BBS in Los Altos, CA back around 1985-6 or so.  I don't remember them being called "door games".  You had to use your modem to call into the BBS and tell it that you wanted to enter the game as you logged out.  It would then drop into the game on your way out and you could specify for each round how many factories or missiles you wanted to build and how many missiles you wanted to launch at who.  This memory was triggered by hearing about Sumer/Hamurabi while listening to the Dreaming in Code audio book this morning.   I also remember "Inge's Abode" BBS run by David S? who was a few years older than me and was also in Boy Scout Troop 37.  It ran on his Apple II.  Ah the days of using an HP150 with thermal paper records of my sessions.  And before that it was an HP 2640A terminal.  The fun of Hayes modems.  Back when HP was cool and I got to meet Bill Hewlett when he would say hi to all the kids at the company parties up in the Santa Cruz mountains.

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