Wednesday, June 29, 2016

How bad is comcast?

So, not that this is news to anyone, but comcast is a bunch of morons.  They called me.  They can find 3 accounts for me, but they can find my internet account.  I have business class internet from them at the same address as cable tv.  I can't effectively do anything with their website as I have to log in and out of several accounts all of which are f-ed up and randomly log me in or out as I try to check bills and the refund of $150 they say they owe me but haven't paid me yet on one of the accounts.  So I'm stuck with their internet for a year until my contract runs out, but it's time to cancel cable TV with them.  Now I'll be just stuck with 24/7 guaranteed support that only works during mountain time business hours.  Last I called, the lady said she had accidentally kicked me off the internet and couldn't fix it until I called back during business hours.  Should couldn't fix what she had just done... which turned out to be nothing.  Yeah for customer service.

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