Thursday, December 10, 2015

exactEARTH on Satellite AIS

As I listen to this video, I'm amused by the satellite AIS has been around for 5 years.  Really?  I first got data from SpaceQuest in 2009 and I know that there were receivers up before 2009.  The US spooks had one up pre-2007.  I am still bothered by the ABSEA Class B-ish thing as they don't publish a spec that tells me anything useful about what it really is.  And yes, I've talk to the folks doing this, and I still don't know what it really is at a technical level.

The other sorts of data discussion is interesting.  Finally... IMO 289/290 came out back in 2010. exactEARTH was not at the RTCM SC121 meetings in 2007-2009 despite the meetings being open to anyone in the community.  So great that they are talking about icebergs and fish catch, but it's not new.  Hey there is also the Voluntary Observing Ship program (VOS) that demonstrates how this works for sending back super important data about our world.

The preso does have some nice info about Satellite AIS.  Just remember, that ERMA had Orbcomm satellite AIS data integrated for the Deepwater Horizon oil spill response back in 2010, so this stuff isn't that new.  But it is getting easier and better.

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