Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Marine science / tec note taking

RVTEC has a discussion going on at note taking techniques

My techniques....  hurray for no real quota on storing video and pictures on the web for free.  Down side is the whole high speed internet connection requirement :(

  • camera phone videos + youtube. I've got > 800 videos online, most by # not public, but most by time are public (yes, I have cat videos in there).  Plus a web cam with video recording where I can grab clips from the last couple days.  core sampling and dock context
  • lab notebook and pen (but that doesn't back itself up) + camera phone + flickr & google photos... maybe someday machine learning will let me ask for all photos of box corers in my collection.  Today, I'll have to stick to asking which photos include my cat
  • my blog (I'll have it back online soon) and my backup blog ... +1 for the prior let the search engines sort it out comment
  • inkscape & gimp,  emacs org-mode, google drawings (no more investing my time into Adobe craziness)
  • git + (gdrive & dropbox) for private tracking of code bits and org-mode notes.  github for public stuff
Not really yet in toolbox enough:

  • IPython/Jupyter notebooks + github + nbviewer.  e.g. Camille Cobb made this when she was working for me: Argo floats and BigQuery  Matplotlib basemap is great for things that need location
  • networkx, dia and graphviz for work flows
  • dockr containers for capturing processing tools in a run anywhere mode

Grad students have it so easy these days... they can see what they are getting into ahead of time:

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