Saturday, November 19, 2011

RT 23 - Part 3: Parsing binary SBET files with python's struct

In this class, we do our first mercurial pull of changes. We then add helper functions to our module to give us the number of datagrams in an sbet file, tell us at what offset any particular datagram is located and add a generator function allowing cleaner for loops over sbet files.

23-python-binary-files-part-3.html, mp3 and pdf

Remember that at this point, you should be getting the org mode formatted class notes via mercurial (hg). To get set up:
mkdir ~/projects
cd ~/projects
sudo apt-get install mercurial # Install hg on ubuntu & debian linux
hg clone

And every time you start working on the class, do a pull and update to get the latest versions.
cd ~/projects/researchtools
hg pull # Bring the changes down to the local "repo"
hg update # Change the working files to have the latest changes

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