Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Research Tools Lecture 1 - Introduction and 1-introduction.mp3

This is a place where people can discuss lecture 1 of research tools. I'm interested in questions, clarifications, corrections, suggestions, etc for all the lectures. I'll do a post per lecture and video. However, the videos are on youtube, so commenting there is best.

The course material is all in emacs org-mode and in later lectures, I will use org-babel to execute code from inside the document to follow the concept of reproducible-research and "tangling" documentation and code. The Research Tools class website has HTML versions of the notes too if you are not interested in the emacs aspect of the course.

I am creating the lectures on the fly (despite trying to get ahead over the last year), so any feedback I get will help me improve the lectures for the rest of the semester.

Please note that I edit the audio files down from the full hour and 20 minutes to about 50-60 minutes. I clean up some of my "um"'s and "ahh"s along with white space, repeats and other non-useful bits. I walk around the class and there I often explain the same or similar concept to multiple people. I try to reduce the repetition. It's helpful in class, but with the audio, you can just rewind it.

The youtube videos are unedited, so they will show more of my typos.


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