Sunday, August 29, 2010

Which clock should I get?

A seriously geeky clock:

We need to get a new clock for the table across the room in the
bedroom. It would be best if it was readable at night without my
glasses (my vision isn't that bad, but a lighted display is essential)
and if it reset itself using radio broadcasts (refered to as a href="">radio-controlled
clock) as we have so many power outages. More features would be
nice (weather, AM/FM/Scanner, etc), but I don't want a cluttered
display. What to people recommend?

NIST has a list of manufactures of time and frequency receivers

I'd like to spend less than $100.


  1. If you feel like a kit clock, Lady Ada has the Ice Tube with the GPS add-on for time sync.

  2. Not really what you're looking for but you might like to check out the clocks at

  3. Ended up getting the cheapest sony clock. Not exciting and doesn't do radio time keeping, but it works.