Friday, April 30, 2010

C++ python - need help

Arg... I really need a simple working example of C++ from a python module with a reasonable and simple Why does that seem too much to ask?

Updated 2010-May-01:
Asked and answered here: Frustration with C++ and Python. May have also stumbled onto a gcc 4.4.2 bug that added to my confusion.


  1. Kurt, here's an example of a Python C extension module using a C++ library:

    In a nutshell, there's a thin C wrapper for the C++ code, and the C Python extension code uses the wrapper functions. It worked pretty well. Over time Howard Butler added a C API to the spatialindex lib and Rtree now accesses it using ctypes without any C extension code.

  2. Sean, Thanks for the pointer! Turns out I basically was doing the right thing, but got bit by 32 vrs 64 bit code. gcc on the Mac defaults to 64 bit code, but I was using the 32bit tree of fink w/ python. Lesson here is that I should only code when I've had enough sleep to really read error messages. And after writing almost exclusively python for a few years, I had forgotten about null terminated lists.

    Hats off to the people who read my blog and help out. #python on IRC -- for just being annoying... but now I know how to authenticate myself to (aka... useless knowledge).